What we're about 

 Repairing bicycles to break the cycle 


Nine Lives Cycles is a small-scale initiative run by two mechanics, Jasper and Weylan, to save unwanted bicycles and give them a new lease of life. Based in Bedminster, Bristol, UK, we aim to provide unique affordable bicycles that have been lovingly refurbished to a professional standard. Our love for bikes has grown from a young age and, both possessing accredited bike maintenance qualifications, we build and fully service all of our bikes to enable them to serve new owners faithfully once more.

Working in the bicycle industry has taught us a great deal of things, most shockingly how much goes to waste. The consumer bicycle market is perpetuated by the double-edged sword of innovation and the pressure to have brand new bikes. But what about the bikes that get left behind? Nine Lives Cycles spawned from the desire to curb this trend by offering an alternative that reinvigorates unwanted bikes, bringing them up to modern standards, to last for many more years to come.

Often our bikes are rebuilt from the ground up but sometimes they just need a scrub down and a service to remove the dust, rust and cobwebs that may have built up from months or years hidden in the garage. A well-built bicycle frame can last decades if looked after and, with rusty parts repaired or replaced, we help bikes live to see old age with style and dignity. As we develop, we aim to take this concept to new levels with the aim of reshaping the way we view bikes: a bike is for life!

 The Team 

With a penchant for the quirky, Jasper has been building 'frankenbikes' since he can remember. He loves to experiment but has to be reigned in from putting riser bars and kick back coaster brakes on everything.... 

weylan kiam-laine

A bike is just another limb for Weylan and a favourite hobby of his is checking out other people's bikes. His first love was a vintage steel Italian road bike and he often has to be reminded that they aren't real people.


Jasper Davies


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Bike Bristol's ambition is to encourage as many people as possible to cycle in the city! Through a range of cycling courses and training, a beginner can learn to pedal and go on to be a confident commuter or leisure cyclist.