Elliot's Modern classic 

 "Mr. Whippy" 

This retro Peugeot was donated to us by a kind soul who had intended to restore it themselves but life got in the way. The former owner had retained all of its original components and, whilst we wanted to keep most of it original, we decided it would serve its new owner much better with a few modern upgrades. 

Elliot would be using this bike for longer weekend leisure rides and, to do so, we felt it was necessary to upgrade it with new hand-built wheels, in fitting with modern standards for improved function and ease of maintenance. One of the original features was a classic bottle dynamo, which although quirky and functional, pales in comparison to modern dynamo hubs and lighting when it comes to efficiency.

Therefore, we built the front wheel around a modern dynamo hub and added integrated dynamo-powered led lights to the front and rear. This provided efficient hassle-free lighting with a fraction of the resistance produced by the archaic bottle dynamo.


We absolutely love modern dynamos and, from our experience, the amount of friction felt is negligible for everyday riders. Frankly, we think that everyone should be running them - we do!

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