Helene's electric hauler

This special bike was custom built to suit Helene’s daily needs as she looked to take the plunge and get rid of her car. We gave her a choice from our collection of refurbished cargo bike frames and she took a liking to this FietsFabriek 995, which we had resprayed in this zesty orange colour.

Before having the frame resprayed, we had the front fork upgraded to accommodate for a disc brake to give it that extra bit more stopping power. As for the specs, we built the wheels around a Shimano Nexus 8 speed hub for range to compliment the Bafang mid-drive electric kit.


The original tattered box has been replaced with one of our custom built boxes utilising an in-house design, which is compatible with FietsFabriek accessories. We couldn’t be happier with the result and Helene is equally chuffed!


Like this bike? Get in touch if you'd like us to build you something similar. We also can convert your existing bike to electric so get in touch for more info and prices.