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Agent J

Agent J

Agent K and Agent J turned up at our doorstep pretty dazed and confused, they didn't have a clue what they were doing here let alone what their purpose in life was. Our neighbor the welder says he saw someone in a black suit zapping them with a strong blue light before dashing off, weird... After a few weeks of aimlessly wondering around the workshop we thought we'd put them to good use. Clearly shaped for speed, Agent J and Agent K were more than happy to comply and be built up as nippy single speeds. All they need now is a trustworthy companion to show them around town...


* Gears: Single Speed

* Brakes: Caliper - Tektro R359

* Tyres: 700x25c Front: Michelin Dynamic Sport; Rear: Zaffiro Slick

* Riding position: Road

  • Size S/M. 5ft3 to 5ft9

    Effective toptube Length: 55cm; Seat tube Length: 53cm