Buy in confidence, knowing that every Nine Lives bike has been built using a combination of new and recycled components to ensure smooth, long lasting performance, whilst minimising the environmental impact of buying a new bicycle.



Unique in every sense of the word, Aragorn the shape shifter has always stood out. Brought up in a large family, he always knew there was something different about him. Not receiving the attention he deserved, Aragorn came to Bristol to fulfill his dream, never go unoticed again. With a little help from ninelivescycles and yourself this will become reality!


Gearing: Single speed (Belt drive)

Braking: Disc brakes

Tyre Size:

Riding Style: Hybrid

Handlebars: Flat bars

Accessories: Half mudguards, Underseat rack

  • Size: S/M

    Seatpost tube length: 58.5cm

    Effective top tube length: