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Don Cadillac

Don Cadillac

30 years running as Bristol's most illustrious Cadillac dealer. It's no surprise Don is in his natural element when elegantly cruising along Bristol's cycle paths. Heavy loads sure aren't an issue here. Shopping, kids, BBQ sets, “No problemo hombrero” Don says. Owning 6 Cadillac dealerships across town means Don doesn't need to worry too much about bringing home the bacon, he just wants to enjoy his free time in style. We knew exactly what he meant and gave him a much needed powder coat to help with those wrinkles and kitted him with hand built wheels and matching Schwalbe Cruiser tyres for extra comfort. All Don needs now is a trusted friend to spend these happy days with!


- Gears: SRAM P5 internal hub

- Brakes: F: Shimano Inter M roller brake ; R: SRAM drum brake

- Tyres: Schwalbe Delta Cruiser (26x1.75 & 20x1.75)

- Accessories / Other:

~ Full length mudguards

~ XLC Front and rear battery lights

~ Chainguard

~ Heavy duty kickstand

~ AXA wheel lock

~ Bell