Buy in confidence, knowing that every Nine Lives bike has been built using a combination of new and recycled components to ensure smooth, long lasting performance, whilst minimising the environmental impact of buying a new bicycle.



Gustav spent 15 years living in the remote Swedish outback, as is customary in his tradition. He's traversed some of the harshest landscapes and fought off around 48 Brown Bears with his bare hands. However, times have changed and he has been forced out of the forest, inland, to make his home in the city of Bristol. Used to foraging and climbing rocks, Gustav didn't know what to do in the city, so he came to Nine Lives. We trimmed his grizzly beard and fitted him with slick tyres and other upgrades to adapt him to city life. Think you can handle him? Come and find out.


* Gears: 24sp SRAM Centera / Shimano Exage

* Brake type: Shimano Exage centre-pull

* Tyres: 26 x 1.95 slick Schwalbe City Jet

* Riding position: Mountain bike

  • Size M/L

    Effective Toptube Length: 56cm; Seat Tube Length: 52cm