Buy in confidence, knowing that every Nine Lives bike has been built using a combination of new and recycled components to ensure smooth, long lasting performance, whilst minimising the environmental impact of buying a new bicycle.



Gears: 7 Speed - Shimano Inter 7

Brakes: Front: V-Brake; Rear: Shimano Roller Brake

Tyres: Front: 20"x1.75" Schwalbe Road Cruiser; Rear: 26"x1.75" Schwalbe Road Cruiser

Riding Position: Upright


Accessories / extras:

- Full length mudguards

- Front and Rear light (Battery)

- Sturdy double kickstand

- Dutch style horseshoe wheel lock

- Bell

- Double bench

- Suspension seatpost


After saving Sophie from the evil Witch of Waste, Howl and his moving castle desperately needed new purpose. Despite his expert talents in logistics and magic, for some reason, he was having trouble finding work. That's when he came to us in the hope that we could use our connections to set him up. His last adventure left him quite beat up, but after some maintenance and TLC he's back up running stronger than ever. Are you in need of an adventure?