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Loosey Mont-Goosey

Loosey Mont-Goosey

Loosey Mont-Goosey had recently retired after a illustrious stuntman career. All these years jumping out of helicopters and busting through fiery doors had taken a mental and physical toll. Only a few months into retirement and Loosey was already feeling danger withdrawals. The hard realisation that no hobby could match the thrill of a risky stunt was hard to swallow... maybe it wasn’t time to pack it in after all... maybe all Loosey needed was some time off, a full service and a bit of TLC?? Well that’s exactly what we gave our favourite daredevil and now Loosey’s readier than ever! Come tag along for some dangerous adventures if you dare!


* Gears: 21 Speed (3x7) - Shimano Altus

* Brakes: disc brakes - Tektro Novela

* Tyres: 26"x1.95" - Kenda knobly

* Riding position: City/Hybrid

  • size M - Suitable from someone 5ft5 - 5ft11

    Effective toptube Length: 56cm ; Seat tube Length: 51cm