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Pugsley Addams

Pugsley Addams

What an energetic little terror! This jet black singlespeed is a dedicated troublemaker. Genius in his own way, Pugsley has spent most of his childhood making toy guillotines or threatening to poison his sister.. By no means do we want to change him, we just wanted to give him the service he needed without risking our lives! Weeks later, we still have all our fingers and Pugsley is looking shinier than ever! Built for speed with a simple yet effective setup, Pugsley is the nippy devil he was always meant to be. Keen to join him on his journey of trickery and mischief??


* Gears: Single speed

* Brakes: Caliper - tektro

* Tyres: 700x23c

* Riding position: Hybrid/City

  • size M - Suitable from someone 5ft7 - 6ft1

    Effective toptube Length: 57cm ; Seat tube Length: 56.5cm