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Ready Brek

Ready Brek

As soon as Ready Brek entered the workshop, we knew we were in for a treat. This bike is absolutely obsessed with oat-based breakfast cereals! Mr Brek was once the beloved mascot for Weetabix back in the 90s but his rigorous method acting regime left a lasting effect on him. To this day, no one knows his former name... only that he LOVES Ready Brek. We spruced Ready Brek up to bring him back to 2020. Mechanically this was a great success. Mentally, not so much… Ready Brek is a beast and will carry you through the hardest of terrains and weather, but just don’t mention any other cereals around him or he’ll flip his lid!


* Gears: 21 Speed (3x7) - Shimano deore

* Brakes: Shimano V-brakes

* Tyres: 26"x2.20 ; F: Purgatory control; R: Moto DMR bikes

* Riding position: Hybrid/Trekking

* Accessories:

~ Front and rear fenders

~ Front rack

~ Rear rack

~ Bottle cage

  • Size M. Suitable for someone 5ft6 to 5ft11

    Effective toptube Length: 56cm, Seat tube Length: 46cm