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Silver Sable

Silver Sable

Tracking down and eliminating war criminals ain't an easy job! Nevertheless, Silver Sable has grudgingly made it her life's work for the past decade.. Having a constant target on her back was so exhausting, Bristol seemed like a safe space to take a little break from all that madness. We convinced Silver to come for the workshop spa day she didn't know she needed. We swapped out her drop handlebars for some comfier risers to help her relax and fitted her with Gatorskin tyres to make sure she kept her natural speed with some added protection from any dangerous road traps. Now relaxed and feeling fresh, all Silver needs is a trusted friend to show her around town!


* Gears: 14 Speed (2x7) - Shimano 105

* Brakes: Caliper - Shimano 105

* Tyres: Gatorskin 700x25c

* Riding position: Hybrid / Road

* Accessories:

~ Ass saver mudguard

  • Size: M

    Effective toptube Length: 55cm ; Seat tube Length: 56cm