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Punk is not dead, but Camden is... After 20 years rocking out in the heart of it, Siouxsie was ready for a change of air. She packed up her boots and and headed for Bristol, where rumours foretold of a thriving punk scene. Hopefully here she'll find more kindred spirits that will appreciate her latest 22min acapela punk solo; but, then again, maybe no one will ever fully understand her pain. Consider yourself an oddball? (or not!)... maybe you and Siouxsie would get along ;)


* Gears: 3 Speed Sturmey Archer

* Brake type: Front Caliper; rear coaster brake

* Tyre size: 700x32c CST traveller

* Riding position: City

* Handlebar type: Porteur

* Accessories: Bell, full length mudguards, rear rack

  • Size S/M

    Effective toptube Length: 53cm Seat tube Length: 53cm