Buy in confidence, knowing that every Nine Lives bike has been built using a combination of new and recycled components to ensure smooth, long lasting performance, whilst minimising the environmental impact of buying a new bicycle.



Once, a spritely soul full of love and tenderness, Snow was abandoned by her former owner, leaving her cold and emotionless. She was but a shell of her former self, unable to feel anything anymore. We hate to see lost souls and that's why we welcome all bikes. After seeing snow, we saw her potential and gave her the love and attention she needed. But there's something that we can't give to her... will you be the one to melt her icy heart?


* Gears: Shimano Alivo 24sp (3x8)

* Brakes: V-brakes; Avid (front)/Shimano (rear)

* Tyres: Schwalbe City Jet slick 26x1.5

* Riding position: Mountain bike

  • Size M/L

    Effective toptube Length: 55cm Seat tube Length: 44cm