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Tony Sqwark

Tony Sqwark

After 30 years at the top of his game, Tony Sqwark no longer felt the rush from skateboarding. Reading the bristol post by the fire with a hot cuppa seemed more appealing than dropping a 60ft quarter pipe. That's when he knew it was time for a life changing makeover. Out went the elbow pads, mouth gard and helmet. And in came the rack, full length mudguards and comfy sweepback riser bars. Tony is now fully kitted to enjoy a leisurly cruise around Bristol, fancy joining?


* Gears: 18 Speed (3x6)

* Brake type: Cantilever

* Tyre size: Raligh gumwall 700x35

* Riding position: Town

* Handlebar type: Sweepback riser bars

* Accessories: Full length mudguards, Rear rack

  • Size M/L

    Effective toptube Length: 57cm Seat tube Length: 57cm