Buy in confidence, knowing that every Nine Lives bike has been built using a combination of new and recycled components to ensure smooth, long lasting performance, whilst minimising the environmental impact of buying a new bicycle.



Always waiting. Always watching. Protecting us in times of need when no one else can. Wayne will be there. The thing is, though, that life ain't that exciting these days, so Wayne was forced to find a new occupation. We lent him a hand (and a few extra parts) so that he may serve us once more........ in getting from A to B in style. Should you pick Wayne, you can be sure you're in safe hands.


Gears: 15 Speed (3x5)

Brakes: V-brakes - APSE

Tyres: 26x2.125 - Finci

Riding position: Hybrid / City


~ Bottle cage

~ Full length mudguards

  • Size: M

    Suitable for someone 5ft4 to 5ft10