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Wendy Wisp

Wendy Wisp

As a child, Wendy had always dreamed of being a racer. Sadly, however, she was destined to spend her working life as just another ladies town bike; slow and under-appreciated. Suffering from a serious mid-life crisis, Wendy came to us hoping for some rejuvenation in hope that her dreams could be brought to life. She came to the right place and, from her humble beginnings, she has been upgraded and reimagined to make her quick and agile like the wind, whilst retaining the comforts of town bicycle.


Gearing: 7 Speed (1x7)

Braking: Caliper

Tyre Size: 700x25

Riding Style: Hybrid

Handlebars: Riser


  • Size: S/M

    Seatpost tube length: 52cm

    Effective top tube length: 54cm