Refurbished Bikes

These bikes have been stripped down and rebuilt from the ground up to become mean machines, full of character. We listen to the bikes and help them realise their dreams. Whether its a road bike looking for a town-friendly conversion, or a classic looking to get with the modern times, we treat every case individually to create something unique. However, sometimes they just need a good old clean and a re-grease! The results are unique and affordable bikes at a fraction of the price they would cost brand new.

*Please note, that we are just a wee operation (just the 2 of us!) so stock levels are often a bit low as we try to keep up with demand. We work as hard as we can to get as many bikes built as possible with a couple of new bikes being released every week. In other words... if you like the look of something, then don't wait around!

**Bikes in stock will be kept at the top of the list. We leave sold bikes visible as an example of what you can expect from us.